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A Small Building That is designed to be moved from pale to place and is use a temporary office, School, or home. These cabins may be presented in an area or remote region as indicated by customers requirement. we deal with custom designs as well, where the cabins are customised as per the customers requirement.Site Office Cabins are Portable and can be transported from one Site to another Site within Minimum time, thereby, saving time and Money while executing Major Projects. The Frame of the Cabin is fabricated using MS Sections and the Outer Surface of the Cabin is welded with thick Profile bent GI sheet and Painted with Epoxy Coating to withstand Severe Weather Site Conditions. The Cabin Interior Walls are fitted with thick Laminated Sheet. These Cabins are fitted with Metal Doors and Glazed Metal Windows with Sliding Shutters which can be locked and are fitted with Mild Steel Grill which is Totally Welded to the Frame thereby Assuring Safety. These Cabins are provided with Working Tables and Chairs. Partitions can also be provided for Managers. Further, as per the requirement of the Customers, AC units can also be fitted. These Cabins are available in Standard Sizes.
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